Annika Rockwell, Licensed Nutritionist

Annika Rockwell is a Licensed Nutritionist and Registered Dietitian in Weston, Florida (Broward County) and Raleigh, NC (Wake County). She is the founder of Rockwell Health and has been passionately involved in the field of functional nutrition, holistic health, and nutritional supplements since 1996.

To help her clients get the best results, she uses detailed diagnostic questionnaires, cutting edge lab tests, and diet analysis to determine the most effective program for each client. Programs include customized meal plans and supplement protocols to address individual needs including weight loss, metabolic issues, blood sugar imbalances, low energy, food sensitivities, and biochemical issues with detoxification, oxalates and salicylates. In addition, Annika and Dr. Jonny’s new online program, Meta-Fasting, helps clients who want to use intermittent fasting to fix metabolic issues with weight loss.

After 15 years of work in the supplement industry including as a researcher for advanced formulations, Annika now helps her clients via group coaching programs and her clinical practice offering individualized nutrition consultations.

In addition, Annika’s passion for children’s health has also led to her developing nutrition programs for ADHD and anxiety, and a focus on solutions for picky eaters at

Annika completed her dietetics internship in Endocrinology at Cleveland Clinic of Weston, FL, and has a B.A. from Swarthmore College in psychology/pre-medical, and a B.Sc. from Keiser University where she graduated valedictorian.

She completed her Bachelor of Science at Keiser University in Dietetics and Nutrition (2020). Prior, she worked in the field of nutrition and health foods for 24 years, founded and sold two businesses after completing her Bachelor of Arts at Swarthmore College in psychology.

Annika started her career as a nutrition research assistant and seminar coordinator for Designs For Health, a supplement manufacturer. She then founded and operated Rockwell Nutrition, an online supplement company where she designed her e-commerce website selling professional brand supplements while booking client consultations with her team of Registered Dietitians. Annika wrote articles, made videos, and held cooking workshops to help educate families on disease prevention and solutions to common health complaints.

She later founded and managed providing South Floridians convenient delivery and local pickup options to buy exceptional quality, grass-fed, organic, and humanely raised animal foods from a family-run Amish farm. Annika then co-created, designed and directed the development of which is the Weston A. Price Foundation’s online grocery shopping guide that locates the highest quality foods available for consumers.

Annika has been active in community service, earning an award for her exceptional work as a volunteer at Mater Academy Elementary School, setting up the school’s edible garden and teaching kids how to identify healthy foods. To stay abreast of the latest nutrition science and industry trends, Annika regularly attends seminars and conferences including those hosted by The BioIndividual Nutrition Institute, Designs For Health, Biohacking Live, Living Proof Institute, the Weston A. Price Foundation, Great Plains Laboratories, and the Institute for Functional Medicine.