Edible School Garden Project

After the success of the Tower Garden project at Mater Academy Charter School, I sought out and obtained donor funding to plant an edible garden and butterfly garden around the school’s playground. This large garden project was orchestrated by master gardener, Roger Brown who used renewable eco-friendly materials and organic seeds.

Roger and I recruited the students in after-care who all pitched-in to help build the garden over the course of a week. They learned the skills and materials needed to build the planters and maintain soil health and hydration. Once the edible crops had grown, kids learned to carefully harvest and chose which edible plant to take home and share with their family.

The edible garden set up such a great buzz around school that Mater Academy set up a special day for me to go into each classroom and teach the kids about basic nutrition! We covered benefits of eating veggies and how to identify and avoid processed junk food by looking at the ingredients labels.

Mater Academy offered me this award pictured below for my year long work and contributions as a volunteer at their school. 🙂


Mater Academy volunteer award