Hydroponic Gardening

Growing a garden is an incredible way for kids to learn about healthy and nutritious foods. Many of the kids a Mater Academy elementary school in Miami did not know where vegetables and herbs come from or how they grow.

In order to help teach them, I donated a Hydroponic Tower Garden to the school and came in each week to teach them how to grow hydroponic veggies!  During the lessons, the students learned not only where vegetables come from, but how to grow them from seedlings, how to care for their garden daily, and the importance of vegetables in their diet.  Once their plants had matured, the students learned how to identify them and had a chance to smell and taste them as well!

We later built an entire garden of herbs and veggies on the outskirts of the playground using recycled materials.  The kids got to partake in building and preparing the wooden planting boxes and watched them grow each week during recess!


Mater Academy tower garden