Work Samples

Keiser University Class Projects

Class Presentation on Thyroid & Adrenal Medical Nutrition Therapy:
A Holistic & Functional Perspective on Hashimotos Thyroiditis and Adrenal Fatigue by Annika Rockwell

Elimination Diets for Children’s Behavioral & Physical Symptoms
Course: Research Methods – 2019 Winter C Semester

Skills: Locate Peer‐Reviewed Research, Perform Systematic Literature Review, Evaluate and Interpret Statistical Data, Design and Plan an Experimental Research Project Using Ethical Procedures, Identify and Justify the  Program Needs.

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Community Education: Reversing Childhood Obesity and Overweight
Course: Nutrition Counseling & Communication – 2019 Summer D Semester

Skills: Delivering Oral Presentations, Group Learning, Behavior Modification Strategies, Using Instructional  Media, Evaluating Learning via Performance Objectives, Feedback Methods, Formative Evaluations, and  Summative Evaluations.

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Case Study #19: Type 2 Diabetes, Chronic Kidney Disease, and Hemodialysis
Course: Clinical Nutrition and Disease 1 – 2019 Fall A Semester

Skills: Nutrition Education for Hemodialysis and ESRD
Patients, Creation of Diet for Renal Failure,
Determination of Energy Needs Using Adjusted Edema-
Free Weight, Physiology of Normal Kidney Function,
Identification of Abnormal Lab Values in Renal Disease

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Hospital Cycle Menu Creation
Course: Management of Dietary Systems – 2019 Summer A Semester

Skills: Hospital Menu Creation, Low Oxalate Diet, Event Marketing, CEU Event Planning, Innovation.


Cycle Menu Low oxalate
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