Preschool Nutrition Workshop

Nutrition Workshop at TBS Montessori School

My daughter Kira and I have hosted interactive nutrition workshops for kids in preschool and elementary schools, like at TBS Montessori in Miami Beach.

One of our activities was a healthy food category game.  We set up two tables: one with “healthy” whole foods and the other with “unhealthy” processed junk food and soda. We introduced the kids to the names of the various vegetables, fruits and other foods on the “healthy table” and the name of the food group it belongs in.

Then, we discussed the problems with the items on the junk food table. The fun then began after we mixed up all the foods from both tables and asked each child to come up one at at time and identify one “healthy” food and one “unhealthy” food!  The kids learned a ton and got ideas on how to pack a better lunchbox for school!

Kira & Annika Nutrition Workshop for Pre-K